A Season of Neglect and a New Year.

Jake: Well, I am sorry for a recent neglect of our blog. The holidays are over though and we are happy to be back to normal newlywed life. We had such a great December and were reminded over and over again of how wonderful those around us are and the magnitude of our blessings. Thank you to everyone that made last year and the holiday season one we will never forget.

As far as updates go... we are now the proud teachers of 6 four year old boys in the Olympus 3rd Ward primary! It is so much fun and way better than Sunday School. Ha.

Jess: We went to dinner with Holly & Matt on New Year's Eve at Biaggi's. Evan is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. Jake's sisters and cousin left for Mexico about two weeks ago. They seem to be having an awesome time. I just moved to a new office at work. I like it.

Jake: Let it be known that every time Jess went to write "Jake", "Jerk" was what came out. I think it might be her subconscious lashing out at me.

Jess: no comment

Jake: Anyway, on to the photos.

Jess: Chloe looks funny in this picture. Taken at Britt's birthday party.

Jake: It's par-tay Jess. Get with it.

Jake: Thanksgiving with my family. Nuff said.

Jess: This is just we went to see the lights as a family. In this photo is Kayla and Lance.

Jess: Jake decided to put one of my knee-high nylons on his head and I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I was trying to get ready, but I couldn't stop crying.

Jake: no comment. Well finally, here I am doing the Wii fit. WE LOVE YOU!