I would post a blog but fitting a random trip to Disneyland, the first week at a new school and a terminal diagnosis for my car into one post does not sound too fun at the moment.

I got iWork '09 though. We'll leave it at that.



Model T-Shirt

I've been making homemade shirts for my band and got Jessica to model one for me. I think they turned out pretty good...

If anyone would be interested in getting one we are selling them at a starter price of $5 each. You can read my blog post here about it.



He's in the forest, sleeping.

Thanks to our alarm never going off (even though we set it right before we turned in), we were late to church but still managed to make it to all of primary. We only had Tate and Gavin Cash today, which was a nice break from the 14 kids last week.

As soon as I sat down in our class area, Tate (who does everything in his power to be the first one there every week) pulls out a few colored pieces of paper cut in to quarter size. He asked me if I wanted to read his book and handed me the papers. He had drawn several pictures on the pages with swirly lines and stick figures. As I flipped the pages I asked "what is your book about?" to which he responded "it's about bad." Further questions only led to more confusion but I must say, it was the best book about bad I have ever read.

After we separated for class and were sitting with them around the table in our room, Jess asked were everyone else was. Gavin piped in saying, "I know what happened to Gavin Little." Jess and I looked at each other both thinking that usually a sentence like that is referring to something negative. Gavin continued "he's in the forest, sleeping". Jess asked if he was talking about camping, which he was, and we both breathed a sigh of relief.


It's a boy...