Church was good today. Our boys were pretty funny to teach, as usual. The primary presidency brought up how we will be changing classes here soon and it made me sad... but that's okay.

Anyway, I decided to give a like real update about what's going on with Jess and I. We are doing well and looking forward to not having school for a month or so. Jess has been getting awesome grades and is such a good student. It's really cool to see how much she cares about learning and getting the most out of a class. She is defiantly one of those people who go to school for self betterment and not just a piece of paper.

As for me, things are about the same, just tons of home work and Sweater Friends. Our new EP is really almost done (entitled Dear Abbey). I will post where you can hear it soon. I'm actually using one of the songs as a creative project for a class so get ready for a music video about Saurssure!

Anyway, here is some Star Wars stuff. love-Jake


Health Care Reform part 2

The following is not meant to offend and is best read with an open mind. I have just found myself consumed by frustration today. These points are at the core of my thoughts:

1- Health care reform, with the inclusion of a public option, will not make people lazy. In fact, the hardest working people I know are the ones most in need of a path to medical coverage. Construction workers, small business owners and employees, single mothers left to support an entire house hold, these are the people who need help. I did not say a handout but simply the chance to buy into something, because right now they don't even have that. In the Declaration of Independence, our "unalienable rights" include "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". A public option, along with other measures, would improve American lives as a whole, give the liberty to choose an option without being denied (at lower overall rates) and make happiness a more attainable pursuit.

2- One day, we will all need to use the system. You never realize how close something is until it hits you on the head. Unless money has never been and will never be an issue in your life, you will at one point or another need our country's health care network. How lucky we are to live in a place where medical advancements are being made at an ever increasing rate but what good is a fancy pen if the ink is too expensive to buy? Whether it is having a baby while in college, becoming injured in an accident or simply breathing some unseen health hazard, we all need the system to be there and thus be derailed from the broken path towards self destruction that it is currently on.

3- God is not a respecter of persons. He does not care if you are black, white, orange, poor, educated, whatever, He loves you. This life is a state of probation, a test of the extent to which we will love our Maker and ultimately, how we will love our neighbor, for when we are in their service, we are only in His. When a man lay dying on the road to Jericho, the Samaritan did the truely Christian act and gave of what he had to nurse the stranger back to health. In our day there are thousands of people along the paths of our health care system who have been shunned or pushed aside for belonging to a certain "demographic", risk group or tax bracket.

It is absolutely vital that those in need have the ability to access the care that is available in our country. Being "covered" should not be the decisive string holding our lives together. I am not saying it should be free, for work is essential to a good life but when someone you love is laying on that hospital bed, life is what becomes important.

At any cost.



Halloween II (more pictures)

Jess and I made these.

I must have a big head because this was a pretty big pumpkin.

Sam and Johnny (a tree and a hugger)



Jess and I had a pretty good Halloween together, here are some of the pictures we took.

Alice and Max

Kayla and Hailey

Jess as Minnie Mouse


Halloween tree I made for Jess.