Picture Update.

Here are some photos from the last few months...


Number one dollar bill.

Today in sharing time we were talking about prophets. Our primary president assigned each class an old testament prophet to talk about for a minute of so. We received Adam, as in Adam and Eve. We formed a huddle of sorts with our boys and asked them if they knew who Adam was. They said yes, after which Jess proceeded to tell them Adam's story and importance. She said something about Adam being the first prophet that the Lord set up His church through. Jonah in our class turned to us and said "oh yeah, his head is on the number one dollar bill, I know about him."

We laughed.



Health Care Reform

So I was taking a little break from studying last night and came across a video blog featuring our Vice President Joe Biden on the Organizing for America site (you can find it here). In this short clip, Biden asks what health care reform is to you and posts a quiz that makes the whole process even more personal. Also, he invites us as Americans to post a video response to the clip on youtube. Jess and I, feeling strongly about the matter, accepted his invitation and did just that. Here is what we posted: