Health Care Reform

So I was taking a little break from studying last night and came across a video blog featuring our Vice President Joe Biden on the Organizing for America site (you can find it here). In this short clip, Biden asks what health care reform is to you and posts a quiz that makes the whole process even more personal. Also, he invites us as Americans to post a video response to the clip on youtube. Jess and I, feeling strongly about the matter, accepted his invitation and did just that. Here is what we posted:



  1. Lovely thought, but your message mentioned nothing about how out government can cover every American while also recovering from a forecasted 11 TRILLION dollar deficit.

    I was listening to an NPR piece about universal coverage in Germany. The benefits sounded great - free health insurance, home midwife, 9 months paid leave - until she mentioned her and her husband pay roughly 50% income tax. As much as Obama likes to say he will do this without raising taxes, there is no way that is possible. Social services cost big bucks (mostly due to the inefficiencies of govt) and there is only one source of government revenue - taxes. So "free" healthcare is not free at all. Pay for a poorly run system with taxes, or a better run private system out of pocket. Personally, I prefer visiting St. Marks Hospital over the DMV, how 'bout you?

    We're all socialists in college. Don't worry, you will grow out of it. :)

    (Sorry to wax political, but you started it!)

  2. The government isn't going to cover everyone. We didn't mention that because that isn't what we want dude, and neither does Obama. We want reform, as in the change and betterment of a broken system. Competition has made our hospital and medical advancements the best in the world, there is no doubt about that, and in all honesty that isn't going to change. A public option will just even the playing field and give opportunity to those who are being excluded.

    I think there is a lot of information out on both sides that needs to be cleared up. I really like the videos that at http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck/ because they are right from the source.

    What we are doing right now man isn't going to keep working. Health care costs will keep going up and people will keep getting denied. That's why this is so important, because doing nothing will keep on the same downhill path we are on now.