Church was good today. Our boys were pretty funny to teach, as usual. The primary presidency brought up how we will be changing classes here soon and it made me sad... but that's okay.

Anyway, I decided to give a like real update about what's going on with Jess and I. We are doing well and looking forward to not having school for a month or so. Jess has been getting awesome grades and is such a good student. It's really cool to see how much she cares about learning and getting the most out of a class. She is defiantly one of those people who go to school for self betterment and not just a piece of paper.

As for me, things are about the same, just tons of home work and Sweater Friends. Our new EP is really almost done (entitled Dear Abbey). I will post where you can hear it soon. I'm actually using one of the songs as a creative project for a class so get ready for a music video about Saurssure!

Anyway, here is some Star Wars stuff. love-Jake

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  1. is that the same r2d2 we love you merry christmas song?
    Today is the last day of school Hooray!