Christmas Was Good

Well, Christmas is technically over in like 25 minutes but it's okay, both Jess and I have had a very nice holiday this year. The most memorable part was watching my niece Hailey open up a box containing a bottle of ketchup and some salsa. She said that's what she wanted for Christmas (I'm not sure if she was joking at the time or not) and so her parents complied. I wish I could accurate describe the joy that was on her face and in her voice as she her little arms wrapped around the Christmas condiments but I can honestly say that words just can't do the moment justice.

Thank you to everyone for their generosity, kindness and time. We just couldn't be more blessed.

Merry Christmas!

Love- Jake


  1. Hailey was pretty funny with the Salsa. Best $6 I have EVER spent! We posted a picture of it on our blog if'n you want to relive the moment

  2. You know, at least she was honest and asked for what she REALLY wanted. Maybe next year I'll try that approach. Merry Christmas you guys!