Jess' hair color

So, every few month Jess gets this urge to dye her hair.  This time around, she has been asked about what color to do.  She's gone black, dark brown with red underneith, Orangey-red with highlights and even attempted blond.  I was just wondering if you all had any input.  This is what I want suggested:
Paramore girl hair!  I just think Jess would look hot with ridiculously red hair.  What do you all think?  Post links to pictures, please, I'm a visual person, and really color is a visual sort of thing.



  1. I love that color. Lucky for Jessica she looks good no matter what her hair color is, which is not something most people can do!

  2. I'm with Erin, Jessica can pull off ANYTHING! The bright red would be super cool though!

  3. Every girl needs to have their hair that color at least once in their lives. heck yes!