March is here...

So, last year when we were dating we made a list of things we wanted to do when it warmed up. Neither Jessica, nor I (Jake) like the cold weather. Really the only thing we think it is good for is giving us time to plan what to do when it's warm. That and cuddle. Yes. So, anyway, we thought we'd share with you some things we want to do this time around.

1. Sleep in a tent that's not in our living room.
2. Fly a kite.
3. Have a nice looking yard.
4. Blow bubbles.
5. Never wear socks. Or shoes when allowed.
6. Go to the drive in.
7. Make out in the park.
8. Jake, you can't put that last one.
9. Write inappropriate things on our blog.
10. Eat ice cream outside.

I'm sure we will think of lots more but we'll just leave you with those for now.
We love you!

Jake and Jess.
(Team AwesomeTown)


  1. The drive in is so so fun! One of my favortite things to do on a summer night! Make sure to for sure do that one!

  2. What about Disneyland?? Team Awesometown wouldn't be Team Awesometown with out a semi-annual trip to Disneyland! You might want to add that to your list. Maybe that could be the "park" you make out in:)