Hippies on The Mount of Olives.

We had a ridiculous day in Primary today. Yesterday we got a call from the teachers of the Girl CTR 5 class wanting us to teach their kids today too. We said yes thinking it wouldn't be too bad. Well, all our boys came, along with all their girls and two visitors. Yeah, 14 total! It was a mad house, I got hit in the crotch three times, one of which was with a belt. Wha wha. Thank goodness for my angel of a wife or else someone would have died and I'm not thinking about the kids.

Today's story comes from sharing time. The lady who was teaching held up a photo of Jesus teaching the Sermon on the Mount. This one to be precise: Anyway, so the lady asks the kids who the picture is of and they all said "Jesus", which she followed by "and who is he teaching?". David in our class, who I didn't even know was paying attention, yells out "Hippies!". Yeah it was great. I guess we all need the gospel, even hippies, right?

Jake and Jess


  1. To be fair, they DO look like hippies...

  2. Haha, awesome! And it's true, if I saw people dressed like that today I would probably judge them similarly.