Sharing our time.

Today was our turn to do sharing time in Primary and I will just say that it is good that it only comes around once a year. As I have mentioned before, our boys are quite the handful. Not to say we don't love them and enjoy being their teachers but it is hard to keep a room of kids quiet when the ones in front helping you are being the most rambunctious.

We taught about missions and missionaries, which did go over well. We had 2 boys and 2 girls dress up from different parts of the world and then the rest of the children guess where they are from. For a few weeks now when the boys were bad, Jess would threaten them with having them wear the girl's outfits. Anyway, when Jess started to hint "This is a country in Europe and you eat it for Thanksgiving", they shouted out "hot tamales" and "pancakes". I want to go to their Thanksgivings. They also guessed "Montana" for "It starts with M and is in Asia". Cute kids.

We ended it with having them color little missionary badges we made and telling them what missionaries do. Despite the chaos, it went pretty well. Sometimes riding out the chaos is the only way to manage it.

Jess and Jake.

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