Jellystone 2

Well, I was telling Jess tonight how I really enjoy the things we have done and preserved on our blog so I have decided to give you the low down on our Yellowstone trip before it's too late.

We went up with my family, both my sister's fiances, and two of my mom's sisters with their families. It was really fun having so many people up there with us. We stayed two nights in the Old Faithful Inn, which was great. It's like this huge-log-cabin-hotel-place that is over a hundred years old. Our third and final night was in Roosevelt, where Teddy Roosevelt stayed while on trip to the park. We had several cabins that we all stayed in and it was pretty fun, complete with wood burning stoves to keep you warm.

I think Jess had a good time, minus the dirt and bugs and cold and the random rotten egg smell. I know she likes the confidence that comes with completely prepping herself for the day so it was nice to have showers and such instead of a full on tent adventure (which is happening in Southern Utah come August). She's just great and full of more natural beauty than she lets on.

Anyway, for the most part we just hiked around and picnicked. We saw tons on animals, including some black bear cubs and a wolf, and enjoyed the green scenery spring run off leaves behind. We did get a flat but it was easily fixed while we walked around the Old Faithful Geyser Basin. It was just nice getting away, the minute we got into the pine trees, daily life seemed so far away.


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