Two is better than one.

So I played a show tonight at an interesting place called The Boing! Collective. It is an anarchist group living in a house together who often host shows for free. They were very nice. Anyway, during the duration of the evening, I had it reaffirmed again and again tonight that I am so much better with Jess than without her. Even sitting on a hard wood floor, sweaty from just having played for 25 minutes, and listening to a dude with a mustache and a nylon string guitar, is enhanced by doing it next to Jess.

I could not quite put my finger on this "two is better than one" thought until after the show. I had been feeling the emotions that went along with it but the idea was not articulated until we were eating a late dinner at Cafe Rio. We shared a drink, as usual, and Jess happened to spill the whole thing right after I had just refilled the cup. Now, spilling sucks, it is never fun to have sticky pants and sprite in your salad but if I would have been alone, the amount of sucking would have increase exponentially. Having someone to worry about more than yourself is essential for being happy. I told Jess not to worry, that it was about time for a spill and this means that it wouldn't happen again for a while. Reassuring someone that everything will be alright is equally as therapeutic as hearing it yourself, if not more. When I am aspiring to keep "everything ok" for Jess, and anyone around me really, it is much easier to see my own life and challenges with a positive spin.

Thanks Jess.


Note to Jess- I know that evenings like these aren't too "normal" for newly weds in our situation but I am so grateful to you for letting me have this musical part of life.

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