As an assignment for one of my classes this summer, I had to read and respond to Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare (which you can find here). I created my own version of the poem in a bit more modern terms. I thought I would share the finished product with you.

My lover has skin,
though void of a brown glow
Her legs aren't found at Gold's Gym
or in a Beyonce video
Her feet can clear the room
after her office job and high heels
and she's more likely to think of fruit
if you were to mention "appeal"
I don't think I would find her,
air brushed and bare,
in line at the grocery store
published in swim wear
Now if you think these are problems
then here's where you should stop
because love is with a person
and dream girls aren't made in Photoshop.

I wrote my poem based on an interesting video Dove put out (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFPGa0pKyTg) which shows how the "flaws" are taken out of the media images we are fed. A completely unattainable sense of beauty has been created, causing so many problems in our world. Coming from a family with 3 little sisters, it really makes me sad.

Love, therein, is the answer.


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