Oh boys.

So for a while now, Jess and I have talked about blogging our stories of teaching Primary. We have had so many funny and touching experiences taking care of Jonah, Hunter, David, Tate, and the two Gavins. We are not going to attempt to back track (though I wish we would have started this a while ago) but simply relate a few things we take home with us each Sunday.

Jess- Our class is in charge of Sharing Time next week, so we're going to talk about missionaries. We're going to have our boys dress up as children from around the world, but we also have girl costumes so I kept threatening them with that. They were good so they won't have to dress up as girls next week.

Jake- Well going along with the Sharing Time, when I asked the boys what they wanted to teach about, Tate yelled out "we could teach jump on Brother Workman" and proceeded to do just that along with two other boys. Now, these boys are all five or almost five so they can be quite the handful sometimes but I really enjoy how they feel comfortable around us. Every week during opening exercises they have the need to tell us "I'm getting a dirt bike not tomorrow but the next day", or "I know how to erase my brother's saved games on the Wii whenever I want". We, of course, do our best to direct their attention to what is going on and try to keep them reverent, but I like that they want us to know what is important to them.

Jess and Jake

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