A Not-So-Octupus' Garden.

Jess and I have been growing a garden this year and it has been coming along quite nicely, as you can see by the bouquet of radishes. Too bad Jess says they taste like "salty dirt" (like that would even be a bad thing).

Our tomato plants are huge! We have 23 of them, celebrating my 23 years of life here on planet earth. We are excited to eat nothing but tomatoes here in a few weeks but in case we get sick of them, we are more than happy to share. Just holla if you want some. We also have squash, peppers, beets, carrots, corn and some melons growing. Anyway, here is a photo tour around our garden. Enjoy :)

Big thanks to everyone that has helped so far. No garden is an island, or something like that.


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